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     Imagine that the time has come for the happy couple’s entrance at the reception. The first half of their special day is behind them. The nerves and jitters of the ceremony are forgotten, and they are now ready to surrender to the joys of pure celebration with those nearest and dearest to them. When the merriment of the reception has finally faded into a blissful glow, the most exciting day of their lives begins to draw to a close, even as a new chapter of life opens for them. 

     While tradition dictates that this is the bride’s day to fulfill all her dreams of the storybook wedding, in point of fact, the planning of the wedding and reception is usually not up to the bride and groom alone. Frequently, the bride’s parents, and often the groom’s parents as well, are in on the decision-making process – especially if they are footing any part of the bill.

     The harsh reality is that budgetary considerations are invariably a limiting factor in determining how lavish the reception will be. But do not despair: financial constraints do not mean that the reception cannot be tasteful, or even elegant. This website will guide you through the steps leading to a reception that will live up to every expectation.


     You're either planning a wedding at the last minute or years in advance.
A wedding web site can provide late-breaking details to keep your guests informed of all the most recent changes in your plans. Or it can set the tone for your wedding early, allowing you to keep on on-line journal that lets the world in on your wedding experience.


    This website contains a wealth of material to help you plan, organize and enjoy the perfect wedding reception. We know how important this occasion is, and therefore we will leave nothing to chance.  A handy timeline link is located in the left navigational menu so that every detail is covered. All you have to do is read, delegate, oversee execution – and ENJOY!