Wedding Receptions


Wedding Receptions: Getting a Move On -- Transportation


     The next key question is: how are you going to get where you want to go?

Once again, the answer can be as far as your flights of fancy can take you. Brides and grooms have been known to arrive at receptions by parachute, hot air balloon, motorcycle and horse-drawn carriage.  Even if you prefer more conventional ground transportation, there is plenty of room for elegance: this could be your chance to ride in a Bentley or a Rolls Royce, or an antique car. (If you can rent one of these, you should be able to save some money on a driver; your friends and relatives will be lining up to volunteer to drive.)


     Most couples choose to ride in style in a limousine, although here is an area where it is easiest to pare the budget. A very nice car can be rented easily or even borrowed; and if you expect – or even encourage – friends and family to “decorate” the car with “Just Married” regalia, you can get away with using a junker. (Unless you do go that route, however, make sure you spread the word not to mess up the car.)


     Even using a limousine offers chances to save: if you only want a ride from the ceremony to the reception, then you don’t pay for the time you are partying (although you might as well take the ride to the ceremony as well, since there is likely a minimum charge.) Or, you can ask the limo company for a “split”: if they can squeeze another job into the hours of the reception, they will pick you up afterwards for a reduced fee.


Many of the questions to ask are simple

common sense, such as:

• How long has the company been in business?

• Do they have the proper papers (license, insurance, registration, etc.)

• Can you inspect the vehicle (inside and out)?

• What are the rates? Is there a minimum charge?

• What perks are included? (drinks, ice, frig, TV, etc.)

• When does the clock start and stop running?

• Is there a mileage limitation?

• How much of a deposit is required?

• What is the cancellation/refund policy?

• Is the driver’s tip included in the fee?


    We’ve said it once, but we’ll say it again: get everything in writing in the contract, including exactly which car you want. And since you will likely be using the car during non-business hours, make sure you have the home or mobile number of the owner or manager, in case of emergency.