Wedding Receptions

Wedding Receptions: Timelines:


     Having a timeline is an important aspect of a wedding seeing as how you will be faced with the decision of whether to hire a professional wedding consultant or party planner, or just do it all yourselves. Contrary to conventional wisdom, while paying another professional might seem like an extra expense, often an expert can negotiate the best deals for you while working within your budget, thus contributing to a healthier bottom line.


    No less important, a consultant can almost assuredly reduce your stress level – presuming that there is rapport and a spirit of working together. Be sure you do not hire someone who will impose her wishes on you. And even if you become close friends and confidants, business is business: as with every aspect pertaining to vendors, make sure there is a written contract – and pay only a deposit before the reception, with the balance to be paid right after the successful event.

Consultants may charge a flat fee, or a percent-age of the total cost of the affair (generally 10-15%). If you dislike haggling with multiple vendors, hiring a consultant means you only have to do it once. (But don’t worry: we’ll walk you through the process with each vendor.)


     If you have no one to ask, you can look in the Yellow Pages (under Party Planning or Wedding Consultants and Coordinators), or online at

or (the Association

of Bridal Consultants).

     With the help of this guide, you can always start planning the wedding and reception yourselves, and then bring in a consultant if you find the task overwhelming. Hiring a consultant can also be very helpful.