Wedding Receptions

Wedding Receptions: ‘Tis the Season: Scheduling the Big Event


     Congratulations! You’re engaged! You don’t have to set the date right away, but if the news has been announced, everyone will be asking you. And if you truly have not set the date yet, it’s nagging constantly at the back of your head. So, stay on your romantic high while we explore the options.


     Your first important decision impacts many of the others to follow: the season of the year in which you have chosen to be married. Of course, much depends on how long you want to be engaged before tying the knot; how large a wedding you want; and how important your venue is, especially if it is a popular one. Generally speaking, the larger the wedding, the longer it might take to organize; and the more popular the venue, the farther in advance you might be required to reserve it.

One thing must always be kept in mind: NEVER UNDERESTIMATE MOTHER NATURE!


     There are so many ways the weather can affect your choice of venue and date that it pays to

give it a moment’s pause. If you live in a region where the summers are hot and humid, and possibly prone to thunderstorms, you will think twice about an outdoor venue. Even if you set up tents or awnings – always a good idea –imagine how uncomfortable you and your guests could be perspiring on a hot, sticky day.