Wedding Receptions


Wedding Receptions: Emcee Checklist

• Work with the couple in advance to arrange a sequence of events. This should be a written checklist with the emcee at all times during the event.

• Welcome guests as they arrive.

• Announce how the event will go including smoking policy, location of restrooms, etc.

• Make announcements pertaining to food service

• Make sure couple’s play list is adhered to by the musical entertainment

• Announce the couple’s first dance

• Call on the persons making speeches and giving toasts

• Call the guests’ attention to the cake-cutting ceremony

• Call the guests’ attention to the bouquet and garter toss.

• Signal the farewell at the party’s end.


Note: The disc jockey or band leader can be given some of the above tasks when the emcee is enjoying him or herself at the party.